Matches Spy


85 Ledbury Rd
London , W11 2AG


Ladbroke Grove or Notting Hill Gate



Mon-Sat:10-6pm Sun:12-6pm


+44 20 7221 7334


Matches Spy in Notting Hill, is one of the now 13 boutiques across London. It provides everything you need from the latest international up-and-coming designers. If you’ve just seen it in a magazine no doubt it will hang from the rails at Matches shortly after. They seem to have the right connections with all the major fashion houses to assure that the most sought after pieces hit their boutiques first and it’s a real pleasure to find one amazing piece after another. If you’re longing to be styled in the latest and greatest of what the fashion circus has to offer - be assured you’ll find it here. And, they are absolutely lovely in store. Everyone in the shop is super friendly and offers just the right amount of help without being too pushy. It only took about 5 minutes before I was offered a glass of water and it was really relaxing to go through the rails while chatting to the girls. This shop was spied by: Kristina

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