Beatrice von Tresckow


9 Portobello Road
London , W11 3DA


Notting Hill Gate





+44 20 7243 8747


The exotic and vibrantly colourful world of Beatrice von Tresckow Designs. The name of Beatrice von Tresckow has been synonymous with startlingly beautiful colours for a number of years, but this year they bring their collection via the medium of on-line shopping, and they introduce a fabulous collection to both their existing customers, and to all those who, as yet, have not had that pleasure! Influences such as Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Oman and Italy remain the key to Beatrice's use of vibrant colour, beading and embroidery, in combinations that will leave you quite breathless. It is not often that you enter a store, and are so inspired by the beauty of the clothes that you have found inside, that your only dilemma is what you should choose to take and what you must leave behind!

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