The Pyjama Brand everyone is suddenly crazy about

It must be the weather because these days the item of clothing that I'm most comfortable in is my pyjama. It's a long sleeve, long legs type of PJ and is not just incredibly cosy, it also keeps me warm when nothing else does. I'm not allowed to tuck my feet under my boyfriend's legs so how else should I keep warm this winter?!

Since nightwear is predominantly on my radar I discovered Desmond & Dempsey, a British / Australian co-production of two lovers on a mission to reinvent his shirt that looked so sexy on her in the morning. You now get it perfectly tailored for her and with beautiful hand-painted prints that make you dream of exotic holidays. They look awesome, trust me. I'm not surprised that everyone is raving about them.

No matter if you wear just the shirt or the whole outfit, going to bed has never been more stylish!

All images from Desmond & Dempsey

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